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Customer Service

Degroof Petercam Spain Group provides you with all the information you need about customer service, the regulations governing the transparency of operations and other useful news items.

Customer service offices

You can send your complaints and claims to in accordance with Degroof Petercam Spain Group’s Customer Service and Ombudsman Regulations  to:

Customer Service:

Avda. Diagonal, 464 - 08006 Barcelona.

Phone number: +34 900 82 89 78

e-mail: atencion.cliente@degroofpetercam.com

The Customer Service must resolve on them in the following terms:

- Within a maximum period of 15 business days if the claim is focused on a payment service (whether consumers or micro-businesses submit the complaint or claim)

- Within 1 month in the case of complaints or claims submitted by consumers.

- Within 2 months in the event of complaints or claims submitted by non-consumers.

All these periods will be counted from the moment in which the complaints or claims are presented in any instance of the Degroof Petercam Spain group.

Once the claim has been filed with the Customer Service, if the response has not been satisfactory or has not received a response within the established deadlines, they may be directed, depending on the matter in question, to:

The Bank of Spain's Claim Service:  

Calle Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid

Investor Assistance Office of the National Securities Market Commission:  

Calle Edison 4, 28006 Madrid

Before turning to this service, the law (EHA Order/ 2899/2011 of October 28 of the Economy and Finance Ministry, B.O.E./Official State Gazette of 29 October) governing transparency and the protection of banking services customers requires that they demonstrate having previously gone to Customer Service.

Procedure for handling complaints concerning floor rate clauses

Floor interest rate information

Bank Degroof Petercam Spain, S.A.U. makes available to its customers a procedure to resolve complaints and issue refunds, where applicable, of amounts unduly charged due to the existence of floor (minimum) interest rates that they had not established transparently in loan or credit agreements guaranteed with real estate mortgages, pursuant to the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 1/2017, of January 20, containing urgent measures to protect consumers affected by floor rate clauses.

What is meant by a floor interest rate?

A floor interest rate clause is any stipulation included in a contract for a loan or credit guaranteed with a real estate mortgage featuring a variable rate, or for the variable tranche of another type of loan, that limits how low the interest rate may drop in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Scope of application

The measures provided for in said Royal Decree-Law shall apply to loan or credit agreements guaranteed by real estate mortgages when these agreements include a floor interest rate clause and the borrower or mortgagor is a consumer.

A consumer shall be considered any individual who meets the requirements found in Article 3 of the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, and other complementary laws, enacted via Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November.

Where can Bank Degroof Petercam Spain, S.A.U. customers direct their questions/claims with regards to floor interest rate issues?

Bank Degroof Petercam Spain, S.A.U. customers may contact Customer Service, available through these channels:

  • Email:  atencion.cliente@degroofpetercam.com
  • By post:  Customer Service / Bank Degroof Petercam Spain, S.A.U. / Diagonal, 464 08006 BARCELONA

What information should be included in the floor clause claim?

Name and surname(s) of the interested party, along with an email address or phone number at which he would like the entity to contact him.

A clear indication of the issues to which the request pertains, identifying the loan or credit with the corresponding account number.

An indication that administrative, arbitration or judicial proceedings have not been brought against the entity involving the same claim.

What steps will be followed when handling claims related to floor clauses?

Once the claim has been received, Customer Service shall send to the interested party an acknowledgment of receipt, for the purpose of calculating compliance with deadlines.

Customer Service will examine the customer's request in accordance with the provisions of the Royal Decree-Law, and based on this analysis:

  • If the request is considered invalid the interested party shall be informed of the reasons for this conclusion, and the claim will be dismissed.
  • If the request is considered valid, the customer will be provided with a breakdown of the amount to be returned, once calculated, after which he is to express his agreement or disagreement therewith.

The bank will process and finish handling the complaints lodged within the legally established period from the date of their submission to Customer Service.

Once the amount to be returned is agreed to, the customer and the Bank may agree to adopt a compensatory mechanism other than a cash refund. In this case the customer will be given an appraisal allowing him to apprehend the effects of the compensatory measure, which he may accept or reject, within 15 days.

The refunds agreed to will be reported to the State Tax Administration, and may generate tax obligations for the customer.

Neither the customer nor the Bank may enter into any judicial or extrajudicial actions regarding the subject of the claim previous filed, including with the Bank of Spain's Claims Service, while the claim is being processed. 

So that the customer may take the measures he deems appropriate, it shall be understood that the extrajudicial procedure has concluded without an agreement:

  1. If the credit institution expressly rejects the customer's request.
  2. If the period of three months expires and the credit institution fails to contact the customer regarding his claim.
  3. If the customer does not agree with the calculation of the amount to be refunded by the Bank, or rejects the amount offered.
  4. If within three months the amount offered has not been made available to the customer.