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About us​

"Empowering clients to realize their ambitions, today and tomorrow"



We empower our clients to achieve their aspirations, today and tomorrow. And we support anyone who has the ambition to move ahead, be it new or established investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, companies or our staff.

It is our aim to relentlessly defend the interests of our clients. We offer a unique combination of services in Private Banking , Institutional Asset Management , Investment Banking  and Asset Services . 

We believe that it is not the size of our company that makes us great, but our humane values  and the proximity of our experts. Degroof Petercam strives to be the best place to work. Accordingly we ensure that we attract and retain the best people in the market, and continuously invest in the development of their talent. 

Our family shareholders personify the humanity of our group and are the anchor of our firm’s  capital, creating agility and stability throughout generations.

Strategies and practices may evolve in a changing world, however our company values remain constant throughout the years.  Our values are key to our people’s engagement and continuous commitment to our clients.


Social Impact

We are aware of our responsibility towards the society that goes beyond our activities and services focused on our clients. Our contribution to society is reflected in the promotion of a banking sector that is humane, through our sustainable investments and our commitments centered around social responsibility and philanthropy.

Specifically Bank Degroof Petercam has spent the last decade focused on the following initiatives:

  1. Solutions for sustainable investment:
    • Responsible investment funds 
    • Responsible investment mandates
  2. A dedicated philanthropy department  
  3. Degroof Petercam Foundation
  4. Commitments by our employees 

In Spain we collaborate with Réseau Entreprendre. This foundation with the slogan "Create employers in order to create jobs", helps to contribute to the success of new entrepreneurs who, with their commitment, they generate jobs and wealth. The aim of Réseau Entreprendre is the guidance of new entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, from the first beginning until the inception of the business. This is a project where the main values are the person, the gratuity and reciprocity. 

Bank Degroof Petercam Spain has actively participated in the creation of the association in Spain, founded in September 2012.


Our history

Ever since its foundation in 1871, Bank Degroof Petercam has always remained faithful to its origin: to protect and grow the assets of our private and institutional clients. Degroof Petercam’s own growth took place gradually through mergers and regrouping.

With a strong focus on our social responsibility we expanded our expertise and activities, drawing on the support of our stable family shareholders.



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